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In the second half of the Introduction to Professional and Community Practices course (ARTHUM 3380Y), students write preliminary proposals in the form of grant applications for the individual and group capstone projects they will undertake in their fourth-year seminar.

As a first step toward their individual project proposal, each student was required to create a 2- to 3-minute pitch video directly related to the content of their Canada Council for the Arts or Canada Graduate Scholarship Master’s grant application.

In the video, the student was to state which application they would be completing and to focus on articulating their research question or establishing the concept or narrative trajectory for a literary writing project. They were to concentrate on the “why” of the project (Why is this work important? Why is it needed now?) and to not be afraid to be bold about what the project will accomplish. The student had to be the featured speaker of the video. Props and visual sample and music or other sound accompaniments were welcome but not necessary.

The assignment was marked based on the effectiveness of the video: how well the student articulated the key aspects of the grant-related project they intend to undertake and how persuasively they talked about the project’s value and necessity. The appropriateness of the project to the type of application they chose was considered, as was the use of the brief time they were allotted to make their pitch. Their use of voice and overall comportment, as well as the use of relevant and appropriate props, music, etc. was also evaluated.

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SASAH's 2018 Cohort
Grant Application Pitch Videos
Andrew Fullerton
Julia Albert
Andrew Fullerton
Denise Zhu
The Vilification of the Femme Fatale in Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Portrayal of Lilith
Matter Over Mind: The Power of the Body in Sophocles' Women of Trachis and Philoctetes
Turpentine, Serpentine: A Reflection on Factory Theatre’s acts of faith
Disrobing Patriarchy: Kleisthenes, Mnesilochus and the Drag Queen
Disrupting Tradition: Performance in Print and Buddies in Bad Times, A Review
Maahi Patel