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Critical and Ethical Global Engagement Case Studies
The ARTHUM 3380Y class was given a case study developed from Western International’s “Critical & Ethical Global Engagement” module by Bob Gough (Director, International Internships and Development, Western Heads East Program), Dr. Barbara Bruce (Assistant Professor and Experiential Learning Coordinator, SASAH), and Wynnie Zhao (Case Writer and Researcher, The Africa Institute at Western University).

The case is told from the perspective of the student leader and follows the story of a group of seven university students who travel to Mwanza as part of the (fictitious) University African Probiotic Initiative (UAPI) internship program to work with a host community (Yogurt Mamas). As the trip progresses, several problems arise within the group, including complaints about the conditions of the living quarters, resistance to the dress code for meetings with the (male) community leaders, and disagreements about giving homeless children money and posting selfies with local children on social media.

The class was required to work through Western International’s “Critical & Ethical Global Engagement” module, organized into four groups, and given this group assignment:
Working together, assume you are the team leader and need to determine how you are going to address the situation. To do so, you must first analyze the case carefully and
1. Identify the tension areas and ethical dilemmas.
2. Develop ideas about the actions the team leader could take, on their own and with the faculty supervisor, to salvage the learning experience in the moment.
3. Develop ideas about how these tensions and dilemmas could be addressed in future.
Then, create a 10-minute presentation of your case report using PowerPoint and VoiceThread in Owl.

Here are their presentations:

Professor Barbara Bruce
SASAH'S 2018 Cohort