First Year - Creative Fragments
Students in Dr. Mary Helen McMurran's class were asked to consider the ways Sappho’s fragments demonstrate impact and intention, as well as the provocative gaps and surprises that result from their incomplete forms. They were challenged to create personal and evocative fragments, using their own texts, texts from other writers, or other media (image, sound video). The class came up with their own grading criteria for the assignment, which Prof. McMurran followed.

Jenn Aswald

Audrey Soo-Eun Bang

Anjali Bhaheeratha

Allison Brealey

Shai Butler

Matthew Dawkins

Mia Fielding

Angelina Havaris

Rachael Jensen

Bridget Koza

Bridget Leslie

Joyce Leung

Justin Lin

Tiffany Lin

Ethan Martin

Kristyna Reedon

Atlas Rose

Zoë Trottier

Celine Tsang

Sydney Turner

Kirat Walia

Sophie Wu - external link to a mock webpage from the far future