As Greco-Roman poetry proposes, and as the entry in Steven Olderr’s Symbolism: A Comprehensive Dictionary notes (below), Pegasus symbolizes the creative imagination, and inspiration.

As a program, SASAH is invested in creativity, inspired by the reality that the arts and humanities can and do change minds, hearts, and societies.

The SASAH 2020 yearbook, Pegasus, is indebted to SASAH’s students, faculty, staff, and supporters, who champion its programs and trust in the importance of its work. We thank Western University; the Faculty of Arts & Humanities and Dean Michael Milde; and our increasing community of donors, supporters, and friends, who recognize and share SASAH’s commitment to the importance of a transformative education in our changing world.

Pegasus would be merely a good idea if not for the talent and innovation of its many contributors, and in particular, its designer and editor, Ruth Skinner. A Western PhD candidate, and SASAH Faculty member in 2019-20, Ruth’s certainty about the deep significance and value of art, and her commitment to real change – including as it can be mobilized through publications – inspires us.

Patrick Mahon
Director, SASAH